KHR 315?
miki, shinichiro
Can someone tell me, what the heck was that last chapter od KHR? O.o (315) I quite didn't get the end of it... XD I hope that I will find a better translation or that it is all (mine) misunderstanding... But... Wasn't Gokudera practically saying that he's adoring someone else, than Tsuna? -.- I'm not sure about it... Probably not... But stil...
Awww... I want him to say, that he would never stop adoring him, even though he is just like he is... XD That's why Gokudera loves adores his Juudaime... Right? ... Right?! O.O

... I feel much better now that I wrote this... XD

It was the translations fault! XD Now I know that Gokudera really loves... ok, again this word, adores his Juudaime just like i throught. :3 Yay! ^^

FMA2 - second episode
miki, shinichiro
OH MY GOD!!! I know... another fangirling journal but... Miki Shinichiro is my god! His voice is so soft and cool too! When I heard him in the second episode I was totally stunned. He is so awesome!!! I like Roy Mustang's new voice so much!!! ^____^ I know that many people dislike it, and I'm little sad from it, but... I hope when they will use to it, they will like him too.
Now I have again one week to squeal everytime I hear it, and looking forward to next episode... XD (ehm... I saw the first episode about 8 times.. X.x and scenes with Roy many more timesXDDD) but I don't know, if Roy will show there. O.o Nevermind, other characters are great too. ^^ yay, it's more like manga and I like it!!! ^____^

Miki-sama = Roy Mustang?
miki, shinichiro

Aww, I've heard it! I've heard it! Really! Miki-san has such sweet voice and in the role of Roy Mustang it's the best combination ever!!! I'm in love with Miki's voice quite while and Roy Mustang is my favorite character too for a while... I couldn't believe it, when I read that Miki will be voice actor for Roy!!! At first I was like "Aww, it couldn't be! Miki's voice is too smooth for this character" and I was really anxious how it will sounds together, but now... now I'M IN HEAVEN!!! ^____^ They couldn't choose better. I think the second series of FMA will be little more funny, and I like funny characters. Did you saw, how Roy got wet?XD It was just hilarious! ^___^ I love such scenes. XD And then, how he walked with alredy dry gloves, but he was still wet and angry. I need more of it! XD I can't wait till next episode, I hope that Roy (with this AWESOME voice!!) will be in the anime more. I read manga, but I don't know, how much they will use the story from it...

Yay! I'm so happy, I can't be happier!! ^_____^ Miki Shinichiro is the best voice actor ever! ^___^


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